(c) Steven Pottle 2007

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

“Here On Earth”

My sisters used to dance the dance of freedom
But then husbands came along and made them forty year old cleaners

They don’t understand the children that they used to be
And tonight at this party they don’t want to move with anyone
So I try to pull them to their shy, tired feet and remind them of their teenage beat
“Because the parties end suddenly
With your hair speckled Grey
Losing another weekend to illness and decay
You’ll look behind and wonder where the road was taking you-
You’ve always hated the phone, but one day it will no longer ring”

With cake in one hand and champagne glass in the other
I shudder to a halt and consider my own years being alive
My Mum used to say, “Fight with who you need to and love whoever needs you”
She is choice wise with her words that still laugh through the best Rum and Coke parties around
Dad was always so moo hearted, but he still stands strong before all my sisters- even the one’s that aren’t naturally his
He breathes a sigh of relief to their streets of terrible fenced in history

Like a weed trying to survive through concrete
It can still grow without raindrops or sunshine
And when the buildings begin to fall
The strangers start to jump
And the undergrounds explode
There at the end is that weed pushing forward while being pleased with it’s root beginnings...

I want to be the one that survives a death before my time
I could be a someone that stretches beyond a dark sky
I would love to be something other than just another birth
I want to be alive with minutes, people and feelings while living here on earth.

© 2007 Steven Pottle

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"The Beginning...Or The End?"

"The Beginning...Or The End?"
(c) Steven Pottle 2007