(c) Steven Pottle 2007

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

“Adios Kansas”

A hand falls by the waist side
Police approach the pavement wide
Cats run for the safety of a parked car
And underneath they hide

A heart failed to keep up the beats
Uniformed feet move in close to the scene
Tapping at a blood stained jumper
Seeing if something still moves under

But he watched his world crumble
The planets humbled
As Hollywood was projected onto the moon
So no more screams from these streets
No more sounds of sudden feet
My best friend has left me all too soon

Now please carry his soul to a nicer place-
One of unbroken sunshine
One with endless funnies
And he’ll feel free to jump into the water there
The sea will be light blue and see through
Just like the sky…

Hope he’ll make some great mates
Hope he’s finally found his Emerald City
Maybe one day I will see him again-
So now I’m looking for my tornado.

© 2007 Steven Pottle

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"The Beginning...Or The End?"

"The Beginning...Or The End?"
(c) Steven Pottle 2007