(c) Steven Pottle 2007

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

"When Did You Stop Dancing?"

The busy daytime crash drives into your free night and intrudes yet again
A job lot of heavy printed fingers strangle your relaxed tie and shapes it into a noose
The tightening of taxis, computers and people begin to form throat baddies in all of your dreams
When was it that you became this adult and stopped living another life?
Are you now someone that you do not recognize?
So who can you be now?

We used to laugh off the awaiting nightmares long before they could be a problem
We used to sing at the top of bad singing voices just to scare away all of bubbling trouble
And the records would be played and a twirled shuffle came into place to refuse the knives and lies
Nothing stood in the way of our own time to get away
So tell me when did you stop dancing?

Through the door comes the rumble of an all important deadline that tears into a tired mind that only wants escape
The breaks and the dinnertimes spent daydreaming of even a couple of hours at home
They are ripped to a hundred pieces when all you can think is: when exactly did a deadline become all important?
And when did you become this thing that replaced his blood and passion with coffee and late meetings?
So are you now someone that we wont recognize?
Then where can you go next?

We would always check the charts like we were obsessed with the results of promotion and TV appearances
We broke our ankles that bleed from performing off our bed that was pretending to be a stage
We even screamed through our dangerous streets when a certain song was played from a nearby open window
We could cope with the bad times because I can’t remember my life before Blondie arrived...

These things kept us going with arms double speed and body moving
So tell me when did you stop dancing?

© 2007 Steven Pottle

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