(c) Steven Pottle 2007

Saturday, 25 August 2007

"At The End Of The Day"

The heart falls asleep to the sound
Of the mind trying to complete another day
So flutter little butterfly muscle
Sing yourself a gentle lullaby

Everyday we try our hardest not to smash into others and concrete
And we try to avoid another stressful encounter on the street
But with this great rainfall and heavy thunder
There should always follow some warmth and comfort

I hope that the day didn't destroy your beliefs
And that the black clouds are horizoned underneath
Because the heart wants to breath slow
And the mind wants to follow
So let them rest back-
So that they are lined up with your feet

Closed curtains and blank lights
Eyes heavy and they will sleep tight
This all comes at the end of the day
So I softly say a quiet goodnight.

© 2007 Steven Pottle

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"The Beginning...Or The End?"

"The Beginning...Or The End?"
(c) Steven Pottle 2007