(c) Steven Pottle 2007

Thursday, 6 September 2007

"The Meaning Of Life"

The batteries were low when the speed was needed

Just when a life ran towards the unknown with no brakes
My well thought out kind words and stretched out arms were always
going to be too late…
I still haven't an answer or an explanation as to why this happened
But the early mornings won't let me forget it in a hurry.

With every turned corner that throws forward a new street
With a sudden smile that could be hiding a good friend
Remember to smile back and speak to those strangers
You never know what you're going to get…
And isn't that the best,
Isn't that what life is all about?

My attention was grabbed and hidden in something stupid
I didn't see you upset or giving us the look of 'help me'
Now my late concerns and frantic searching have only left me broken
and confused…
I wish you could tell me what to say- then I would say it now
I wish you could tell me what to do- then I would do it straight away.

Those kind of stars don't get the chance to shine very often
So try to catch them whenever they are shooting by
Empty your pockets of money and numbers to keep the real special things safe
You never know what will happen on a night like this…
It's good to be unprepared and surprised,
So that you can say that you are really living your life.

(c) Steven Pottle 2007

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"The Beginning...Or The End?"

"The Beginning...Or The End?"
(c) Steven Pottle 2007